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song recording information:

please send the song files you are recording to ahead of time, so I can get them set up in sessions. send them to and attach the BPM if you have it.  the microphone will be on and its yours as soon as you walk in. if you need to sit and write, that’s fine too. remember, you are paying me – I’m working for you during the hours you’re here. at the end of the session, I will send to you a demo mp3 and all the appropriate stems.  

song mixing & mastering information:

the best way to do with is with all the stems from both the instrumental and the vocals. if you’ve recorded your vocals or created your instrumental here, I will already have those things, if not, please email them over to me so I can begin mixing. the initial stage will be me sending you .wav mixes and you listening for evenness, clarity, dynamics and whatever else you might be looking to hear in your track. this would also be a time to add any additional creative effects (ex: echo, reverb, distortion, etc.). the mixes won’t be quite as loud as what the masters are going to sound like, so you should be referencing on whatever you commonly listening to music on, ideally 3 or more different types of speakers (ex: ear buds, laptop, car) when you are happy with the way the mix is sounding, let me know and I will add master the track which should make the track much louder and more present while maintaining all the evenness and clarity of the separate parts. it should sound good enough to you that you will be proud to release it to the public, and I will do as many revisions as I need to until you are happy with it at that level. let me know if you have any additional questions.