sound pack one

  • drums

  • drum loops

  • synth loops

  • etc.

all completely original, EQ, mixing and sound designed by steel tipped dove. it would be great if you made some dope music from these sounds. word.

sound pack one
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by purchasing this project, you are also purchasing the rights to use the music within on any art you may be working on. a few things to note: you do not own the beats exclusively, i do not have the stems, all beats contain sampled material. if you want .wav files - please download from my bandcamp page for the same price —>

----- you are paying me for my labor to make this tape along with how fucking fire it is. thank you. ------

****** another way to receive this project, is to sign up for my patreon - at the $10 per month tier. ******

Steel Tipped Dove - Library 1

50 instrumentals, fully leased to you, immediately.

You will receive a zip file with all tracks and a PDF of a lease agreement that grants you permission to use any and all of the tracks on any projects you need.

Click < HERE > to view the entire lease agreement or click add to cart to the right to purchase the album and receive an immediate download of the zip file.