Music Producer & Audio Engineer with a recording space in Brooklyn, NY

I have a small recording space in Brooklyn, ny - It is humble; many great projects were born there. you are welcome to come accomplish several things here, i will facilitate.


My rates are on a sliding scale, I would like to make myself affordable to you. Email me below or text me at 914-474-3454

Available Services

  • Vocal Recording
    • come through with some lyrics and hooks written, I will turn the mic on and we can get to work... you take home some raw .wav vocals, charged hourly
  • Song Mixing
    • send me some vocal and beat stems, or bring them through, I'll mix it all together and make sure it bumps and is ready for release - we can do this over the internet or you can come in person and we can do it together, charged hourly
  • Podcasting
    • If you have a podcast idea, come through and record it here! I work on a few different ones, some I participate in - others I just engineer and mix the vocal recording. I can record up to 4 microphones at a time, charged hourly
  • Custom Instrumentals for Video Production
    • Stop by the studio and flips through hundreds of instrumental tracks to soundtrack your latest youtube video, TV commercial, short film etc, charged per track
  • Full Project Production 
    • For a flat rate, I can take your mixtape or album from a concept to a fully realized release. This would include you coming here to record your vocals, sit with me or instruct me via email as I mix and master the individual songs. I can also help you realize the collection of songs into a uniformed album or mixtape type structure with cohesive sound design throughout, charged flat rate per project