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music producer, engineer and all around audio service provider.

vocal recording; podcasting; mixing & mastering; original instrumental beats and much more.

i’ve been working in music and audio for well over a decade and have a client list i’m very proud of. scroll down for more information, rates, hear some music and get in contact.

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studio recording

I have a home studio where you can come record your music, vocals or audio and i will engineer that for you. rap vocals, guitar parts, synthesizers, podcasts, voiceover work – anything you need other than live drums. The rates are competitive and results are fantastic. 

·      vocal recording time (single artist) — $30/hour

—  deliverables: 24bit .wav raw audio stems of anything recorded; rough mixed demo mp3

·      podcast recording time (multiple guests, up to 8) — $40/hour

— deliverables: 24bit .wav raw audio stems of anything recorded; rough mixed demo mp3



billy woods & kenny segal -
hiding places

milo -
budding ornithologists are
weary of tired analogies

mc paul barman -
(((echo chamber)))
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mixing & mastering

if you have your music recorded and would like to release it - i can mix and master the audio to a high quality ready to uploaded and distributed digitally or physically.

·      song mixing & mastering with all stems — $80/song

·      song mixing & mastering vocal stems only — $40/song

all songs come with unlimited revisions until you are completely pleased with how the song sounds and you are ready to release it into the world. click the button below to hear a few examples of songs i mixed and mastered with different clients with different wants and to get in touch with me.

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instrumental production

if you need beats or instrumentals, i got you. listen below to some examples of production i’ve done for various artists.

  • unlimited lease of an instrumental — $30

  • unlimited lease of an instrumental WITH stems — $80

  • exclusive rights — negotiable

  • custom work for hire — $50/instrumental


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