Music & Audio Production  [all over the internet] 

Studio Engineering [Brooklyn, NY]


i've launched a patreon. 

please contribute if you can, i'd love to be able to keep creating art with my friends and i. 

thank you.

patreon screen shot 2.png

MERCH: Paintings, Cassettes, etc.

Along with digital music, I've been creating paintings, making cassette tapes, I am eventually going to do shirts, if you'd like to help pay my rent and for additional music and art supplies, consider buying something :) 



Send me a message below to book some studio time in Brooklyn.

  • vocal recording.

  • podcasts.

  • voice overs.

  • mixing.

  • all that.

  • book hourly or daily


Produced by steel tipped dove: 

Here's a playlist of a bunch of random songs I have produced for several different artists --->