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Nothing Touches the Ground Here
released November 19, 2014
All songs produced by Steel Tipped Dove

It’s not a comforting thought, but we are all- every one of us- just constantly hurtling through space at hundreds of thousands of miles an hour. Even at that insane speed, most of what we encounter is just this huge, mind boggling void. It’s sort of horrifying. On the other hand - there’s also amazing, overwhelming beauty out there. The kind of mind boggling scope and wonder that you can only experience where you look out at the inky emptiness of infinity and catch sight of some crazy horse head nebula or super nova or supermassive technicolor gaseous cloud or some shit. That is the reward for risking your sanity by contemplating infinity. 

Hearing Steel Tipped Dove’s music is sort of like staring out into the mind crushing vastness of space and having the scope of it hit you real hard. You’re, understandably, shaken up a bit. But if you steel your nerves and just go with it you get rewarded with this vastness of beauty that has no business existing because it fucks up your frame of reference. If you can get down with trading away your safe, cozy feeling where you think “I’m the center of the universe, and it’s a chill, manageable little universe” the compensation is of a scope beyond what you previously understood to be possible. 

This album is the basically soundtrack that Neil DeGrasse Tyson would throw on before kicking his feet up and entering a long mescaline fueled bullshit session. It’s music that people who are comfortable contemplating the potentially mind-breaking scale of the universe use as the soundtrack to their love making sessions. It’s what rain forest shaman’s play when they need to unwind after getting some particularly heavy news from the celestial sphere they’ve been conversing with. If any of that sounds like it’s too much for you- it probably is. You’re not ready for this album, you’d be doing yourself a favor to just set it aside and hum that song that’s already stuck in your head to yourself. 

But - on the other hand - if you’re sort of down with the idea of being completely awed by boundlessness- pop this bad boy in the ol’ ear phones, and enjoy having your little corner of infinity blown up from underneath you. 

- downswayze

Special thanks to Voknorim for additional production 

Album photo by M. Horton ( )


this is here for us now
released October 17, 2015

all tracks produced by Steel Tipped Dove

Features: SAFE, Dominic Lord, SHIRT, bleubird, Kool A.D., Harvey Cliff, Mr. Muthafuckin eXquire, WC Tank, Billy Woods, Jovi


this is here for us now

because, while most things you do - like, the words you say or the food you eat or the feelings you feel come and go and only exist in the format of “that one time”, or, “yesterday”, or “before”. because that, but, not this... though - cause this is here, we made something and it's here now.

please thank yourself and the talented artists i got to work with to make this art for us. 

Special shout out to my dude Ben for this great feature over on the Mishka blog and premiering the record.